Christmas Fashion Special!

It’s Friday!!! I know that Christmas is over but I wanted to start off the Fashionably Fridays part of this blog with something special: A Christmas fashion haul! I want to share the clothes and accessories I’ve been blessed with. I hope you all enjoy looking at them, and maybe get some inspiration for your own modest style.

First off is this long cardigan from Kohl’s. It has an Aztec-like print and a hood.

khols sweater edit

ariel sweater edit

This Ariel pullover is also from Kohl’s. Isn’t it adorable? I’m obsessed with Ariel, and I will wear this with a grey or black tank underneath.

AE shorts edit

These shorts are from American Eagle. I know that it’s not summer yet, but they were on clearance for only $17! They’re really cute and good quality. They’re also not too short or too long.

AE sweater edit

This sweater is also American Eagle, but was bought at T.J. Maxx. It is really nice and warm, but I have to wear a tank underneath. I also got another multi-colored one.

meijer sweater edit

This sweater was from my mom, and it is light weight with a white lace trim on the bottom. It is super cute and will transition to Spring nicely.

skirts edit

These skirts were also from my mom, and will look great at church, on a date, or any other occasion. The black one has velvet flowers embossed on it, and the tan one has a black lace trim. They are knee length so they are appropriate for anything (the misses section at stores almost always has cute knee length skirts).

owl purse edit

And now for accessories! This scarf was from my cousin (who happened to be my secret Santa), and it goes well with everything because it has both beige and white neutrals. It’s an infinity scarf, and even though you can’t see it too well, it has sparkles on it. The owl purse is from my friend Paige. Too cute for words!

edited cat purse

Speaking of animal purses (which I am totally loving), my mom got me this adorable Betsey Johnson cat purse. It’s very unique, and is almost like a clutch– with a lot more room. I also won this leopard print scarf from a gift game at my boyfriend’s house. I’m really starting to like leopard print now…but only in small amounts.

So that’s it! I am very thankful for all of my gifts this year. I hope all of my lovely readers had an awesome Christmas. And I have to ask– What was your favorite gift that you got this year? Please comment below! 

Love, Emily <3


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