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Playful Bags + Spring Update

Fashion Fridays are back! Wait, what happened to the blog challenge? To be honest, blog challenges are fun at the beginning, but after a while I tend to get bored. Plus, I missed the fashion posts!

Spring is always an exciting time. A time of refreshing, new beginnings, and fashion reinvention. My spring break is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I plan on cleaning out my closet and giving some clothes to my friends.

I haven’t been on any real shopping sprees (because I’m trying to save money like a proper adult), but I’m thinking of going thrifting soon. Maybe I can create a post on what I find during a thrift shop trip! Tell me what you think of that in the comments below.

One trend I’m excited to see this season is the continuation of playful purses. I’ve always been picky about my bags, but Betsey Johnson has never failed to fascinate me by her eclectic and feminine designs. She’s a designer who’s really pioneered the classy yet playful bag.

(See more of my Polyvore collections)

Handbags have gotten even more more playful now, and you can find them in unique food shapes–like cupcakes and ice cream! Even this Betsey Johnson bag (top right) features some of my favorite treats on it.

These are the kind of purses that make a statement, but even if your style is not quite that bold, you can still carry one of these funky pieces of art. The key is keeping the rest of your outfit simple so that your bag can do all the talking.

[Yet] I will rejoice in the LordI will be joyful in God my Savior. (Habakkuk 3:18 NIV)

Thanks for reading! Do you like these playful bags? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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15 Interesting Facts About Me~Day 8 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hello lovely readers and followers! Welcome back to Day 8 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s Topic: 15 Interesting Facts About Me

15 (Mostly Interesting) Facts About Me

  1. I know all of the lyrics to Feliz Navidad.
  2. I’m left-handed–but I can do a lot of things with my right hand (like knitting and using scissors).
  3. I’m always changing my hair style.
  4. I’m becoming obsessed with flying and airplanes (more on that here).
  5. I’m working on my first novel!
  6. I struggle with chronic illness, but God always gives me the strength and energy to get things done.
  7. I love people–even if they drive me nuts. I try to see the good in everyone.
  8. I’m an avid collector of Betsey Johnson purses.
  9. I’m a crazy cat lady.
  10. I love just about anything vintage–decorations, furniture, fashion, photography, etc.
  11. I am a recovering nail biter.
  12. I like photography–especially nature.
  13. I’m a relatively slow reader. Yes, you can be a bookworm and not read fast!
  14. By God’s grace, I’ve managed to keep a 4.0 in college.
  15. I love the cartoon Ed Edd n Eddy, and I can do a pretty good impersonation of Ed.

Thanks for reading! Tell me something interesting about you in the comments below!

Make sure to check out Courtney at 1Timothy4:12Girl as she partners with me in this challenge! I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 9 of the challenge 🙂

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