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Things That Make Me Weird

I love lists–not necessarily to do lists–but lists on websites and blog posts. It can be a very creative way to get to know someone and their thoughts and goals.

I’ve also discovered that I’m kind of weird. I mean I’ve always been “a unique,” but I guess I have been in denial for quite a while. I have what some would call “strange” tastes, and I think it would be amusing for all of us if I list my fondness for some of the unsavory things of life.

So here it goes…

The List of Things That Make Me Weird

1. Maraschino Cherries


(This looks like paradise…)

People actually seem genuinely offended by the mention of these little guys. They are deemed the “plastic” cherry by so many, and that absolutely breaks my heart. I’m just going to lay this on you–they are no more plastic than olives and pickles (which I actually despise), and I know very well how much everybody loves those.

Maraschino cherries are sweet and satisfying. I’m not pretending they’re healthy, but they are certainly a good treat. So the next time you pop one of those babies off of your sundae, just think of me.

2. Wallpaper


I’m sure that by now all of my readers are offended by my tastes. I get that wallpaper must be hard to put up and take down (I’ve never actually done that to be fair), but I think it looks beautiful! Some say that it’s old and dated, but I’m a vintage lover myself so the older the better!

I especially love the look of “gaudy” flower prints. Personally, I think that both old and modern prints of wallpaper should make a comeback!

3. That New Tire/Freshly Paved Road Smell


When most people smell a parking lot that’s recently been paved, they wrinkle their noses and head inside at a much quicker pace. Not me. I love the smell of fresh tar and rubber tires. I also love the smell of hardware and office supply stores. It’s such a fresh, energizing scent that somehow feels nostalgic.

4. Grape Juice

grape juice

Okay, so there are plenty of people who like grape juice. The reason this made the list is because I pretty much hate all juice/flavored water except grape juice. I don’t even really like apple juice!

And although picky eaters (and drinkers) tend to stay away from grape flavored anything, give me a glass of Welch’s and I’m your girl (just another reason why I love communion lol).

5. Bagging Groceries


(Nobody’s bags actually look like this)

I used to be a cashier, so I know what a pain it can be to scan and bag for five or six hours straight. However, when I’m out getting groceries, I often volunteer myself to bag. Part of it is because I like things a certain way, but the biggest reason why I love bagging is because I actually think it’sĀ fun.

Seriously, I think it’s fun to organize and arrange stuff in bags. I’ve become so good at this that people at my local grocery store must mistake me for an employee.

So do you think I’m crazy yet? I know we all have our little quirks, but that is what makes us special–just as the Lord created us.

What makes you “weird?” Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share šŸ™‚Ā 

Love, Emily <3


  1. Wairimu Mwangi

    I have weird dance moves that I do when no one is watching!!!

  2. Susan

    Cute post! My weirdness… I actually enjoy getting up at 4:00 to do some writing before the rest of the house demands my attention.

    • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

      That is awesome weirdness that I wish I had! I hate waking up early lol. Thanks for commenting šŸ™‚

  3. Coupon Diva (@RealCouponDiva)

    bagging groceries is not weird – i do a lot of my own bagging of groceries when i go food shopping – ‘specially at Whole Foods šŸ˜€

    • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

      Good for us! I guess my true enjoyment of doing it is what makes it weird for me lol. I even try to compete against myself to bag faster! *I have no life* lol thanks for stopping by.

  4. Naomi Rae

    Haha! šŸ™‚ Actually, we shop at Aldi, so our grocery bags *do* look like that. lol

  5. allycarter1

    I like it when there’s wallpaper on just one wall and the rest are painted

    • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

      That actually sounds like a cool (and easier) way to do it. I always thought different wallpaper in each room would be awesome but my brother cringes every time I say that lol.

      • allycarter1

        That does sound cool, but expensiive lol

        • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

          Yeah, probably. I have absolutely no knowledge of this sort of stuff lol.

  6. Dainty M

    Lol. Really beautiful read. I also love wallpapers. I’m pretty weird myself..I love colorful sticky notes a lot and i paste them everywhere šŸ™‚

    • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

      Thanks for the comment! Glad to have you my fellow weirdo šŸ˜‰ sticky notes are awesome as well!

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